Ukraine SFX Fundraiser Library Release

I am releasing my sound library of recent field recordings from Ukraine, with 100% of the proceeds going to charity. (Click here to get the library)

I don’t have the words to articulate the horror of this last month. In just 4 weeks, the suffering endured by Ukraine is already incomprehensibly massive.

I constantly think back to the two weeks I spent in Ukraine last summer, visiting my partner’s home country. Two weeks with her friends and family, exploring lively cities and rural settlements. Two weeks spent meeting kind and interesting people, whose ambitions and desires were untempered by threats from the east.

I brought some microphones to record whenever possible. In the cities I was fascinated by the antiquated public transport systems and the soviet-style housing blocks. In the countryside I was delighted by the vivacity of the nature and the lack of noise pollution. I recorded a variety of environments and made plans to return for a full recording trip.

When I see that some of my recordings were made in places now under Russian occupation, I listen to the voices I can hear in the recordings and wonder where those people are now. Did they have to leave their homes? Abandon their lives? Are they safe?

Some of these recorded spaces may now be silent, or filled with violence. Some may be irreversibly altered. But they will always be Ukrainian. Slava Ukraini. Heroyam slava.

Photos from my trip and metadata from the library below. Thank you to everyone who has already donated so far!

Click here to get the library

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