Donate to the Ukraine Appeal

Donate to the Ukraine Appeal

Ukraine SFX Fundraiser Pack

This library is a collection of field recordings made across Ukraine in the Summer of 2021. They explore urban centres, public transport and residential areas, as well as rural wetlands and lakes.

100% of proceeds will go to charities supporting Ukraine.

  • Over 100 minutes of high quality field recordings from rural and urban areas of Ukraine.
  • 37 Recordings / 3.6GB
  • 96kHz / 24bit recordings
  • Full UCS compliant Metadata
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How do I donate?

Send me a donation on Ko-Fi. Alternatively you can donate directly to a charity of your choice.

How will I get my download?

Email me with proof of donation. You can also @me on Twitter or Instagram

How long will it take for my download to arrive?

I aim to respond to all donations within 48h with a download link

Which charitiy should I donate to?

Any charity that is currently directly supporting Ukraine in any form. Here are some examples:

What is the minimum donation amount?

There is no minimum, I just ask that you are as generous as you feel you can be.